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Is your business in need of an effective debt recovery program?
Have you ever considered using a collection agency or attorney? Or maybe both?

Lewis, Miller & Company, Inc (LMCI) is a Commercial/Consumer collection agency representing nationwide insurance companies, healthcare entities, publishers and wholesale distributors. Specializing in receivables management and legal recoveries.

Here's what LMCI will do for you.

LMCI will return money from your company's bad debt. We'll do it professionally and persistently, assuring you of the highest possible recovery.

LMCI team members have worked in the industries which we represent. This means LMCI is familiar with many of the challenges faced by our customers.

Our expertise also means you won't waste your time explaining your invoices, contracts, work orders or statements. This knowledge assures that we are able to communicate effectively and persuasively to maximize your recovery.

Our in house legal team provides you with the ability to enforce collection of your debt through legal action, should the need arise, while LMCI maintains hands on control through the entire collection process; minimizing the time until resolution.

LMCI is a contingency fee based firm; we won't get paid until your debt is recovered. This assures you that your accounts receive priority collection action.

Contact LMCI today to get started. We're confident that you will be pleased with our results.

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Overdue accounts represent a drain to company profits but also represent an opportunity. Handled swiftly and efficiently, uncollectible accounts can be turned back into dollars on your bottom line. Lewis, Miller and Company, Inc. was created to make what often is an out of control challenge a streamlined process that puts profits back into your company.



Lewis, Miller & Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 15205
Sacramento, Ca. 95851

business (916) 646-8020